herpes skin

Every day the number of people around the world that find that they have herpes is increasing. According to the World Health Organisation, an estimated 3.7 billion people under age 50 (67%) have HSV-1 infection globally; and an estimated 417 million people aged 15-49 (11%) worldwide have HSV-2 infection1. What most people do not know is that it is not a death sentence. Of course, people know that they won’t die from herpes but you would think that they were going to die the way that they act.

Most average citizens know that there is a genital herpes and many understand that there is also a herpes that affects the lips and eyes of either one or both sides of the face. That’s right cold sores or fever blisters are actually herpes. So how do people get these? The answer to that question varies. Sometimes it is picked up through sexual contact from genital to genital or it can be oral to genital and it can also be mouth to mouth. Many children by 4 years old are exposed to the herpes virus in some shape or form through daycare, school groups, and other kids activities.

So what should you really be thinking if you just found out that you have herpes? The answer is that many times the mental anguish of herpes far outweighs the physical aspect of it. Genital herpes is a cold sore on the genitals that usually lasts about 7 days and often reoccurs every six months and can be attributed to a weakened state of the immune system that is often found with stress. Dietary consumptions such too much sugar or even a lack of sleep can bring on an outbreak.

If you just had your first outbreak then there could be many different roads that you will travel. For many, they have one outbreak – the initial one and then they never have another herpes outbreak. For some, it can be more persistent and troublesome. There are products on the market today that can help with outbreaks. However, in our opinion, the natural based or herbal based treatments are more effective at eliminating the outbreaks. Does this mean that they cure herpes? Cure is a strong word but for many that use natural based herpes treatments, they never have an outbreak again. Whether that is controlling the outbreaks or killing the viruses we don’t know but for many, they never have another outbreak and that is vital.

Point being that there are many things that a person that now has herpes can do to prevent further outbreaks and as time goes on they do not feel the mental anguish often experienced when first diagnosed.

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